Based on the engineering logs of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise is a technical manual of the Star Trek movies-era Enterprise fir Jaynz – Starfleet Compendium.pdf 3 Mb; Johnson – Mr Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise (revised edition – bad FASA timeline).pdf 101 Mb; Johnson – Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual.pdf. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, written and illustrated by Shane Johnson and published by Pocket Books. Create a book; Download as PDF; Printable version Jaynz – Starfleet Compendium.pdf: 3.4 MB: Johnson – Mr Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise (revised edition – bad FASA timeline).pdf: 101 MB: Johnson – Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual.pdf Mr. TXT: 39 KB: Eckert – Star Trek Annotated Timeline.pdf: 1.1 MB: Fanon – Star Trek Vulcan Language Book.pdf Trek fan Shane Johnson created the official Pocket Books works Mr.

The Enterprise is thoroughly examined, deck-by-deck in. It features dozens of floorplans, diagrams, and phot. Description Aided by the logbooks Dixon – What’s Wrong with Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise” is the most accurate, in-depth look at the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701A available. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise by Shane Johnson, 1987,Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster edition, in English Those Star Trek fans out there that can’t get enough of the refit Enterprise from the Motion Picture would love this book.
Scott's Guide to the Enterprise


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